Investments That Will Shape The Future

Sustainability became a priority back in the 2010’s, when corporate bodies began to pursue futuristic solutions to issues shared by larger communities. The Paris Agreement, recognized by over 196 countries, aims to limit global warming to below 2’C or better yet 1.5’C in a pre-industrial state. This agreement has helped increased global warming awareness.

There are now 17 Sustainable Development Goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. The SDGs were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and helped increase global awareness on the matters at hand.

We All Have A Role To Play And Waiting Around Is Not An Option.

The Sustainable Finance Action Plan (SFAP) is a major policy objective by the European Union which aims to promote sustainable investment. Policies like adding sustainability as a factor to risk management audits as well as transparency to life expectancy on certain products will help increase sustainability awareness in the corporate world.

All these new changes indicate that over the next few years, sustainability will become a part of every business and company in every sector. This serious issue has now brought the need for radical action to be taken.

The awareness of sustainability has increased with the development of the digital world. Investors from all over the world have begun shifting their interest in to more sustainability related projects, this shift in interested was heavily influenced by both the Paris Agreement & the SFAP in Europe, as well as the important role businesses began playing and the several contractual obligations brought down on corporations when working with unsustainable products and providing unsustainable services.

We believe that having influence from the private sector will help further the shift to a sustainability revolution. Having said this, Veventures Holding will focus on sustainability under all of its branded corporations, products and services and will be pushing this on to all future projects and collaborations.

What are we doing to help?

We now prioritize sustainability in all of our projects by minimizing any aspect that brings potential harm to our future, this has now become an inevitable part of our work process.

We’ve now normalized prioritizing sustainability right after cost efficiency, security as well as accessibility within all of our solutions.

We understand that the way in which we manage our corporation effects our world, our community and that it will shape the future for all of us. Our vision on sustainability, is not only just to provide value to our employees and customers but to add sustainability to our overall infrastructure to help shape our future.

We now assess all investment opportunities and pitches with sustainability in mind within the scope of our vision. With our sustainability requirement policies, we’ve obligated ourselves to become a company to play a major role in shaping the future of Turkey’s ecosystem.