Investment & Initiatives

At Veventures Holding, we aim to broaden our portfolio by investing in innovative ideas and prosperous industries, driving growth and promoting a culture of innovation.

If you have a start-up in mind and are looking for investment, feel free to contact us.

Companies We Invest In created a platform to allow these bazaars to provide delivery and ordering services. Bazaars often bring fresh produce directly from the farm or suppliers to the public, making it both cheaper and often more fresh than you’d find in a supermarket.


Inside eGirisim you’ll find new & local (to Turkey) investment opportunities, start-ups as well as ventures. In addition to this there are investment trust funds as well as mass trust funs and so much more.


eGaranti is a warranty tracking solution platform, that helps users track their warranty periods on the cloud. As a web app it provides a new aspect to the retail sector.


DogGo is a professional and reliable pet care platform that is unique in Turkey with its innovative ideas, providing dog walking, cat and dog care services at the customer’s home or caretaker’s home.


Mapplico is a mobile app solution that allows organizations to get in touch with their clientele through instant notifications, hence increasing customer satisfaction and reinforcing brand loyalty.