Investment & Initiatives

We at VeVentures invest in our subsidiaries, sister companies and all the businesses under the VeVentures umbrella. One of the main things we bring to the table is innovative thinking and leadership.

If you have a start-up in mind and are looking for investment (a shark per-se), feel free to contact us.

Companies We Invest In

Pop in Games OY Finland

Based in Helsinki, Pop in Games brings innovation to in-game advertising on all platforms. Ranging from console, mobile phones to even PC games.

Pop in games specializes in unintrusive targeted in-game advertising. They’re a key player as a conventional advertising resource for digital advertising as well as well as loved by true games.


Edurey offers digital education software solutions. Their solutions allow companies and businesses in the education sector to better track user feedback, session logging and provide a more social learning environment for the students. The LXP was designed for in-house corporate education & training.

Soft Robotics

A software solutions provider based in Lithuania. Soft Robotics offers software development and implementation solutions to businesses. They focus on detailed sector research and offer the best possible solution within the scope of their experience.

With local bazaars and street markets being common in Turkey. created a platform to allow these bazaars to provide delivery and ordering services. Bazaars often bring fresh produce directly from the farm or suppliers to the public, making it both cheaper and often more fresh than you’d find in a supermarket.


A platform that provides an ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Inside eGirisim you’ll find new & local (to Turkey) investment opportunities, start-ups as well as ventures. In addition to this there are investment trust funds as well as mass trust funs and so much more.


eGaranti is a warranty tracking solution platform, that helps users track their warranty periods on the cloud. As a web app it provides a new aspect to the retail sector.