About VeVentures

VeVentures is a corporate group originating in Turkey.

In 2011 we set out to bring information & technology services to the finance & investment sector in Turkiye. Today our group employs of over 250 personnel, working across several fields such as IT, communications, fintech, electronic payment systems, energy, engineering & agriculture. As of 2021 we’ve decided to host all of our experience & services under the one roof VeVentures.

Our business portfolio has allowed us to diversify our skills and investments on a global scale. With clients in the banking & energy sectors (some of which are government affiliated), we’ve brought innovation and tailored a more expansive future in their industries. Today we continue to bring innovation & change to select-businesses and intriguing start-ups.

Our Mission and Vision

Since we registered our new trademark in 2021, we’ve set out to expand our portfolio, further our investments in existing sectors as well as help give start-ups the opportunity to grow and expand our horizons by diversifying our experiences in numerous sectors & fields. With that said, our mission has brought us to the negotiating table with several start-ups, bringing them a promising future.

VeVentures aims to become a part of what shapes both today and tomorrow.

Our Team

Believing in the power of change allows us to provide quality service. Our team consists of professionals that are the best of the best in their each of their fields.

Nedim Vural


Kıvanç Vural


Sedat Bektaş


Barbaros Durdağ

Consulting and IT Sectors

Murat Duman

Energy, Shipbuilding and Engineering Sectors

Anıl Şeref Genç

Energy, Shipbuilding and Engineering Sectors

Fevzi Utku Kılıç

Fintech Sector

Özlem Afşar

Administrative Assistant

Av. Emrah Dönmez

Legal Advisor

Yasemin Duman

HR Consultant

Mustafa Özkan

Public Relations Consultant